We Want Fresh Cheese and We Want it Now

We live in a time when everybody wants everything fast; even Spain, traditionally the country of ‘mañana’ is fast becoming the country of ‘ayer’, and so it is not surprising that Joan Rojeski, a company based in Castellón, have come up with a device that can give you fresh cheese in a mere two hours.

Joan Rojeski is the agency behind the idea of CheeseMaker, which follows the trendy tendency of naming products in English.


This is another product that Kike Fernández, Anna Gil, Jordi Olucha and Rosa Reig have created for  Lékué, and which can be purchased on their website.


Joan Rojeski is in reality a creation of the team, a kind of Mrs. Doubtfire with attitude and nostalgia for the good old days when people still made their own ice cream, and their own cheese.

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