Valencia Versus the Red Palm Weevil

The red palm weevil (or Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus as its mother calls it) is an insect that has been killing palm trees all over the Mediterranean, and which arrived in Spain in 1993 from Asia.

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It has killed over 50,000 trees in the Valencian Community alone, and seemed unbeatable until a Valencian company, Paimed, took up the challenge.

The company developed a treatment that has so far been 100% successful, using emamectin in a process known as endotherapy.

The method is respectful with the environment, and has been tried out in the company’s home town of Carlet, where despite animal rights protests organized by pro-weevil groups, the insect has been eliminated completely.

Paimed also make vertical gardens, which no doubt disorientate the weevils before their eventual extermination as part of a yearly process of injections, avoiding spraying.

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