Valencia International at IES Juan de Garay

On January 14th Valencia International paid its first visit to a school for 2015.

Our victims were two Bachillerato groups, to whom we explained what Valencia International is, and we also had time to do an abbreviated version of our 2,000 Years of History on a Valencia Underground Map activity.


We were invited by teachers Carmen Ramos and Maria Puente, and the activity was sponsored by our friends at the Santillana-Richmond Publishing company.


The school has a rich exchange programme with countries such as Sweden and Italy, and were in fact due to visit Sweden the following week.


Several students promised solemnly to write for us about these exchanges and other subjects, and we look forward to receiving their ‘homework’ soon.


Our thanks also to the Cambridge Friends English academy, whose students at IES Juan de Garay helped to set up this encounter.


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