RideU All Over the World

A Young Valencian student has created an app which allows users to manage publicly rented bicycle systems in 242 cities around the world.

The device functions with the operating systems iOS and Android and now works also with Apple Watch and Google Glass.

Now peddle loving travelers can visit 242 cities and know instantly where there is a bike available to rent.

Cecilio Tamarit studies computer science at Valencia’s UPV University, although the app was already on line when he was still a secondary school student.

Called RideU, the app using a map with a colour coding system to guide riders to their bicycles, and on a practical level, allows users to know if there is a space available where they want to leave their bike, a problem that has caused lateness for more than one of his class mates in the past.

As flat but curvacious Valencia becomes increasingly the city of the bike, with more and more cycle lanes, Cecilio’s app could become more and more important for a city born to ride.


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