Horchata Raises Valencian…..hopes


The 12th century Arab doctors knew it and the USA’s National Centre for Biotechnology Information has confirmed it, Valencia’s homegrown soft drink, horchata, is not only good for your health, but its good for your sex life too.


King James I called it liquid gold in the 13th century and in the 12th, Ibn al Awwam said pretty much the same in Kitabb al-Fallah (a book about agriculture), and now the Americans, coming late but coming all the same, have given this phenomenon a lot of fancy names that amount to the same thing, horchata, and the tiger nut it comes from, are aphrodisiacs, especially for men.

Unfortunately for American manhood, the tests were carried out on rats, and once they learnt to drink with straws, they appeared to be happy rats, with testerone dripping excessively from their little whiskers.

Apparently this sweet soft drink contains relevant amounts of quercetin, as well as vitamins and zinc.

Arginine is another ingredient, and one which apparently irrigates all the right zones with copious amounts of blood.

So that look of satisfaction we see around the horchaterías of Alboraya on a Sunday afternoon among the men is not just the result of having found an adequate parking space.

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