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If everybody had some Hyps, one man’s American dream would come true. Miguel Guillamón is a young Valencian who likes to catch a wave when the surf’s up, and wondered if it wouldn’t be nice to create a line of shades (or sunglasses if you are not cool) inspired in California girls and boys and their fun, fun, fun lifestyle.

The result is Hyps, which has started life with eight exclusive models, the result of Miguel’s stay in the University of San Diego, where he may also have studied some too, perhaps even the 3rd year of Business and Marketing major,

Miguel told Valencia International that he had always been a sunglasses freak, and loves being in the sun, on the beach with friends and doing outdoor sports. He did a business class project about another sunglasses brand that he liked and found out that there was an interesting gap in the market that had yet to be covered.

victoria falls

Somebody told him to separate his passions from his career, and like John Lennon, he blew them away and after doing some research and planning in his room, Hyps hit the road.

Each pair of Hyps is dedicated to some historical figure who lived out his or her dream, such as Groucho Marx, Brigitte Bardot, Doctor Livingstone, Gregory Peck or Captain Cook, or by iconic names like Malibu, as Charlie Harper would wear them.


And if you’re thinking that God only knows where you’ll be able to buy some Hyps, don’t worry baby, just pick up some good vibrations from the Internet and you can be wearing them all summer long.

Livingstone de frente

As for the future, he is working with some Brand Representatives in the United States, Canada and Sweden to start a brand expansion, and is also launching a new collection in February 2015.

For Spain and Portugal Hyps offer 24 hour shipping. 90% of their orders are currently for Spain but they have also had some orders from Australia, the United States and even South Africa, where a Safari organizer decided to buy Miguel’s Livingstone model  because  the explorer Doctor Livingstone had been her inspiration.


Miguel has been busy collaborating with the government of the Faroe Islands, and the result is this video:





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