Insigna: Dressing Europe’s Police

The Valencia clothing Company Insigna was created in the 1970s by Valencian entrepreneur Antonio Gil de los Ríos, and is now run by his children Mario and Antonio.

The basis of the company is to create military uniforms, although their speciality is local police garments, which are worn not only in Spain, but also in Monaco, Portugal, France and Germany, with negotiations under way to expand into Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar.


The Company currently produces over 150,000 a year and has a turnover of 8 million euros, employing 49 people.

Originally a shop selling military paraphenalia in Valencia’s Calle Calamocha it is now situated in the El Oliveral industrial estate.


Insigna is a socially responsible company, actively contributes by providing a percentage of its profits to the fight against cancer and chooses suppliers with production centres where the environment and the universal rights of workers are respected.

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