They Shoot Dragons, Don’t They?

The Marques de Campo was an industrious chap, according to his statue which dominates the Plaza Canovas.

He was Mayor of Valencia and the owner of the city’s gasworks, and a man of remarkably poor taste if his old palace is to be believed.

This building is now the city museum, although it is really home to a collection of religious paintings, weights and measures, locks and sundry iron works and a room full of dragon slaying, which leaves you wondering what dragons ever did to him.

The building is located just behind the cathedral in the Plaza del Arzobispo, and a sign outside reminds us that it was briefly the Ministry of Health during the Civil War with the first ever female minister.

One of the attractions of the building is the labyrinth of stairs and walkways that sometimes lead you where you want to go and at other times doesn’t.

After you have seen your 27th glowing virgin, where you usually want to go is out. It is then that you come across the scaly carnage of dragon corpses, mostly attributable to the Archangel Michael, who also finds time to slaughter a few cherubim from what I could see.

There is also a private collection of paintings once owned by Adolfo de Azcárraga, which lighten the mood a bit and are worth a few minutes.

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