Gabriel Mayo’s Musical Magnanimvs Castellón Cava

Valencia International has already written about this talented, enthusiastic wine maker; a leader among the renaissance of Castellón wines:

Now Gabriel has brought to blossom an ecological Brut Reserva Cava, Magnanimvs, made with love from Chardonnay and Macabeo grapes.


With 11.5 º alcohol and an ideal serving temperature of 7 ºC this cava combines well with all kinds of food and there is something else special about it.

While you are trying it and experiencing its smooth elegant lasting taste, you can also listen to its very own piece of music.

José Antonio Rebollar Sorribes composed the music, which was given its premiere in Peru in a concert at the Auditorio de la Universidad Nacional de Piura by the Banda de Música La Lira de Vilafamés, which included Events and Marketing manager of the vineyard Guillém Centelles as percussionist.

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