Fire and Smoke Get in your Eyes

A new Valencia International activity for schools designed to make young students more aware of the dangers of fire and of smoking was tested on Tuesday 26th January 2016 at IES Conselleria with a group of 3 ESO students and another of 4 ESO..

Photo by Mark Sicon

Photo by Mark Sicon

The students found the material interesting and relevant and managed the tasks well, organising themselves in ghroups to collaborate effectively and developing strategies to share the cooperative tasks.


The activity, designed especially for 3rd and 4th year ESO students, uses authentic materials from the British Fire Brigade and Home Office. Students have to complete sentences with a missing word by scanning the texts. Both the sentences and the missing words are keys to understanding how fires start, how to prevent them and the harmful effects of smoking.


The activity is both competitive and cooperative, in that students work in teams against other teams.

20160126_112255 (1)

The basic activity has a series of options depending on the school. There is a song with a message, or the activity can be incorporated into a Physical Education class.

The Fire section was tested with PE teacher Rosa Real at the IES Serpis school:

IES Serpis Catches Fire!

Now Valencia International is looking for a sponsor so that the activity can be free in the near future, and is planning to test the complete activity on 26th January 2016.

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