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Cuatroochenta is a Castellón-based company specializing in comprehensive App development for smartphones and tablets, and in customized advanced programming for working process improvements.


Their Apps offer companies brand new possibilities of improving their communication, services and commercialization through customized applications specially developed for these platforms.

This they achieve by bringing together specialists from several fields such as programming, development, graphic design, marketing and communication.

Loqqe is an app which guides you through the University Entrance Examination and was described by Spain’s leading newspaper El Pais as “probably the most complete University Entrance Examination Guide, newly updated and equipped with the most practical contents.”

For this and other reasons Cuatroochenta was chosen to present Spain at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai in June/July 2016

Another international adventure is Bogota Exclusiva, an entertainment guide for demanding visitors to Bogota, Coulmbia, who want to know where to lodge, eat, go shopping, have some drinks, dance, enjoy art and sports or simply learn what to do in their free time.

In 2014 Cuatroochenta made a strategic alliance with a major business group in Panama. From this joint venture Cuatroochenta Latam was born; the Panamanian subsidiary has become a business leader dedicated to developing applications for smartphones and tablets, as well as programming software to improve work processes. The company was praised in the October-November edition of the Forbes magazine in Central America,  which highlighted the company among the top 15 innovation projects in the region.

The report, also published in the online edition of Forbes Mexico, stressed the collaboration between Cuatroochenta and Samsung in Latin America and its incorporation as a company associated with the Panamanian Chamber of Technology.

The city of Valencia was one of the company’s first customers, improving public use of its transport system with the EMT Valencia application, the most handful tool to get around the city of Valencia in a sustainable and fast way.

The official EMT Valencia App offers free information about schedules, routes and bus stops, subway, tram and bike rental service (Valenbisi), plus information to move on foot or by bike, and includes the QR code at the bus stop, which enables passengers to find out when the next bus is coming, consult the card balance, and locate points of sale, available in Spanish, Valencian and English.




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