Young Valencian Scientists and Hyperloop

Hyperloop UPV is a Spanish team of students from the Technical University of Valencia, who are designing the Hyperloop, a futuristic train concept that could travel at more than 1000 kph with renewable energies. After taking part in the competition organized by SpaceX (Elon Musk’s company) in Texas in January 2016, they were awarded two prizes, the ‘Top Design Concept’ and ‘Best Propulsion Subsystem’ in a competition with over a hundred other teams from some of the most prestigious universities in the world (MIT, Standford, Purdue, UC-Berkeley, TU DELFT…). UPV Hyperloop was one of only 3 European teams that received an award.

Space-X announced that they will continue celebrating these contests yearly to boost development of the technology. After their success in Texas, the Hyperloop UPV team was invited to participate at a January 2017 event in Los Angeles, where they showcased their ‘rail-­free’ levitation system. Strategically, they also increased the team size from 5 to over 30 paticipants. The original team consisted of five founding members: Daniel Orient, Juan Vicén, David Pistoni , Germán Torres, Ángel Benedicto, and Professor Vicente Dolz.

Yet their objectives were more ambitious:​ to build a full Hyperloop prototype for the California competition held in the Summer of 2017.

And in July 2017 the team landed at the University of Purdue (Indiana) to continue their venture, to build a non-London tube that will transport people and goods across the USA at speeds of 1,100 kph.

Trials of their work takes place in Los Angeles at the end of August 2017


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