Stadler: More Trains for France, Germany, Italy and UK

Stadler will be delivering three new EURO 4000 to France and two new Eurolight engines to Direct Rail Services in the UK, the third contract achieved with this organization, and one to Dinazzano Po in Italy.

Furthermore, Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen a joint venture between Valencia-based Stadler España and Stadler Kiepe has won an order for 4 Citylink, hybrid train-trams from the German city of Chemnitz in Saxony.

Stadler, the Albiuxech-based multinational, announced in September 2014 the sale of a further 10 UKLIGHT trains to the UK operator Direct Rail Services, bringing the total number of Vossloh trains up to 25.

This international sale follows the 30 railway engines sold to the Los Angeles transportation entity Metrolink in May 2014.

On November 29, 1848 Eduard Vossloh was born in Werdohl, Westphalia, and by 1914 his company had approximately 250 employees.

In 1897, Talleres Devis was founded, in Valencia; two occurences that were seeming unrelated at the time, but which would one day converge on an industrial estate at Albuixech, just north of the city of Valencia, where the trains of Europe and the world would be built.


Talleres Devis was initially the project of Miguel Devis and José Noguera until 1911 when Devis took control. By the twenties their work centred on constyruction and repairs to railway machinery. By the thirties they were already building railway carriages, and then took the step to manufacture steam engines.

 The Spanish Civil War interrupted the business but in 1941 they received their first order of 28 locomotives from the Spanish railway company Renfe.

 From 1945, in collaboration with the Swiss company Secheron, they moved into the electric train market and in 1947 merged with a Barcelona company, La Material.

 In 1989 the multinational group Alstom took control of the company and moved to Albuixech, Valencia, plant in 1997.

On March 31, 2005, Vossloh AG, one of the foremost players in rail technology sector completed its acquisition of the company, which was then renamed Vossloh España and which, because of its high level of technology and the experience of its team, has consolidated its leadership in the diesel-electric locomotive sector.

 Today, as part of the multinational Vossloh Rail Vehicles, the company employs more than 80 researchers, engineers and technicians, and as well as dominating the Spanish market, it also exports a wide range of locomotives and passenger vehicles to the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Israel, Algeria, Egypt, Brazil and to other countries from its premises of 200,000 m2 at Albuixech.

Among its recent successes is a contract for 11 trams for the Stern&Hafferl company in Austria, worth approximately 30 million euros.

 A €42 million contract for the German company Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen, for eight Electric/Diesel-electric light rail vehicles, is said to be worth €42 million and will link the city of Chemnitz with the surrounding areas.

7 Tram-Trains were ordered by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, to operate between the centre of Sheffield and Rotherham Parkgate in 2015 with a budget of about 70 million € for a contract that includes constructing 400 metres of track between Rotherham Parkgate and Meadowhall, linking the existing tramway to the heavy rail infrastructure, a first in the UK.

 vossloh uk

But Stadler doesn’t only operate in Europe; locomotives worth around €250 million have been commissioned in South Africa by Swifambo Rail Leasing for the supply of 70 locomotives.
The first units will be delivered in mid 2014, and the final ones by the end of 2016.

vossloh safrica
Across the Atlantic Stadler won the approval of the the Sao Paulo Metropolitan Urban Transport Company in a joint venture with Brazilian company T´TRANS, to supply 22 new tramways to cover the lines between the neighbourhood of Barreiros and Porto, in the city of Santos, to be brought into service between 2014 and 2015 in time for the World Cup.

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