Valencian Cavas: Hoya de Cadenas ‘Brut Nature’

Cava is Cava, wherever it is made, so why not support local growers, and the ecology by reducing transportation costs, by consuming Valencian Cavas this Christmas?

Valencia International begins a series of articles about Valencian Cava, while recognising that Catalonia is a lovely place and also makes good bubbly.

Hoya de Cadenas ‘Brut Nature’ comes from one of Valencia’s best known wine makers, Vicente Gandia. Its elegant style and abundant bubbles allow us to enjoy a luminous, fresh Cava with a delicate aroma,


Made from 100% Macabeo grapes, and with an alcohol content of 11.5%, this Cava is recommended for drinking ccompanied by apéritifs, smoked fish and meat, oysters, grilled fish, sushi, seafood, caviar and light desserts.

Its merits have not gone unnoticed beyond Valencia’s frontiers, having received 89 points en la Guia PEÑIN, a Gold Medal Challenge Mondial du bruxelles (Belgium), a Gold Medal Berliner Wine Trophy (Germany) and a Silver Medal at the World Wine Championships Award (USA)

Once the cuvée has been obtained from a white perfumed variety such as Macabeo, it is aged in the bottle for 10 months. During this time the bottles are kept horizontal, called ‘ageing in stacks’, at a constant temperature of 15ºC, in order to carry out a second fermentation, gathering the lees along the length of the bottle.

Following the shaking and disgorging processes, they fill up the gap left after the lees have been removed from the bottle with the same Macabeo cuvée, thus obtaining a pure, premium quality cava.

The experts describe this Cava as having a yellow straw colour, with elegant and persistent bubbles, a clean and fruity aroma with prominent citrus character and an undertone of floral notes. It offers a magnificent presence on the palate, dry but at the same time fruity, and a lingering aftertaste with very well balanced carbonic gas.


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