Valencia Rockets into Space

PLD Space is to be the main partner in the Liquid Propulsion Stage Recovery (LPSR) of the European Space Agency (ESA), whose aim is to create a reusable rocket launcher for European space launches.

The Elche based company will be collaborating with two Spanish partners COMET Ingeniería and TECNALIA CTA to create a rocket that will be recovered from space and should be ready to use in 2020.
PLD Space is a European startup that is developing space technologies to provide suborbital and orbital commercial launch services, dedicated to small payloads and nano-satellites.
Their two major achievements so far are:
ARION 1, a reusable rocket that provides the perfect launch service for scientific research and technology demonstrations in a real space environment.
It will provide up to seven of high-quality microgravity environment and can accommodate multiple payloads, having low g-forces.
The ARION 2 is a 3-stage, cost-effective, reusable launch vehicle dedicated to the small satellite market.
PLD Space is Raúl Torres, Co-founder, CEO & Space Technical Officer, Raúl Verdú, Co-founder and Industrial Technical Officer, Eleazar González, Propulsion Engineer and Juny Crespo, Project Manager at PLD Space.


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