Valencia International Returns to IES Pere Boil

On Wednesday 24th September 2014 Valencia International returned to IES Pere Boil in Manises to recruit journalists for Valencia International in a visit kindly sponsored by the Santillana Richmond publishing company.


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It was also the occasion on which we launched a new project 2,000 Years of Valencian History on the Underground, in which students discovered hidden historical references in the names of the underground stations.

The project was also announced in an article published in the local newspaper EMV Levante on the same day.

Many students, and even teachers were surprised to discover that Manises has a Roman Aqueduct, one of many secrets that this mysterious city holds for those who seek.

Teachers and students agreed that they would write intelligent, stimulating article for Valencia International in the near future despite the offer of a guaranteed 5% of the course total marks from teachers. Valencian journalists cannot be bought!


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