Valencia and Belgium Fighting Cancer Together

Valencian bio-technology company Biosequence is at the forefront of the worldwide fight against cancer, and has recently internationalized the effort.

Biosequence offers genetic testing to personalize and increase treatment options of cancer patients, selecting the most suitable genetic tests for each tumor type, and employing the latest genomic technologies.


They collaborate in Europe with organizations such as Baylor College of Medicine’s (BCM) Cancer Genetics Laboratory (CGL) and N-Of-One and among their staff and scientific committee are such accredited professionals as Maria Soengas, a collaborator at the American Melanoma Roadmap of the National Institutes of Health, Dolores López, a pathologist at the Texas Children’s Hospital or Carlos Cardona, whose research has taken him to the Universities of Birmingham and Cambridge in the UK, as well as the University of Washington.


All this international experience and scientific rigour has led to Biosequence being selected by the Belgian company Onco DNA as a partner and state of the art technology sharer to enable Biosequencer to provide an even more precise series of results to patients in Spain with access to cutting edge testing techniques such as OncoDEEP or to have real time access to patient information through the web platform Onco SHARE.

Belgium based OncoDNA SA is a Cancer Theranostic Company, which performs DNA next generation sequencing (NGS) and molecular pathology (IHCs) to provide oncologists with drug treatment recommendations.

BioSequence chose OncoDNA as its preferred supplier of clinical grade molecular theranostic using the OncoDEEP DX and Clinical cancer panels in combination with the Package PLUS, a cancer specific package of different IHCs and other tests designed to analyse key protein presence and activity.

The collaboration agreement with OncoDNA will enable Spanish physicians to access medical innovations based on next gen sequencing, providing them with clinically relevant interpretations of patients’ tumors by using the OncoSHARE web platform designed by OncoDNA.

This collaboration agreement confers distribution exclusivity in Spain for BIOSEQUENCE. This is the ninth exclusive agreement granted by OncoDNA.

OncoDNA’s aim is to provide medical innovations based on targeted sequencing or on the complete sequencing of tumor genomes, complemented with molecular pathology testing in order to assist medical doctors in their treatment choices and/or provide better monitoring of the evolution of their patients’ tumors. OncoDNA is an affiliated company of IPG (Institute of Pathology and Genetics) in Belgium.

BioSequence provides genetic studies to customize and enhance treatment options for patients with cancer. BioSequence selects the most appropriate genomic studies for each type of tumor, always seeking the maximum clinical utility for the patient. BioSequence uses the latest technologies for analysis and interpretation supported by the best medical and genetics specialists.

Adriana Terrádez, Business Development Manager of BioSequence commented: “This agreement with OncoDNA will enable Spanish physicians to access molecular diagnostic information based on next gen sequencing for their treatment decisions and demonstrate the use of such information to improve patient outcomes. We were very impressed by the OncoSHARE web platform and also by the e-learning solution developed by OncoDNA in collaboration with the University of Brussels. That’s the reason why BioSequence will be the first partner that offers to its oncologists and patients a customized interface of OncoSHARE, to help them manage, query and share all their genomic studies”.  

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