Unimel Uniting the World (and Poland)

“Unimel Educación” organizes the congress: “Digitizing Social Entrepreneurship Education (DSEE)” – The role of ICT in business education.

The conference will be held at the University of Kozminski in Warsaw

The conference aims to share knowledge about business culture in Europe and Asia through the eyes of academics and entrepreneurs. It will be a showcase for innovative ICT products that improve the accessibility and inclusion of business development programs and skills for young people.

The Autokreacja foundation is the host of this great international educational event. During the development of the conference we will have the most prestigious speakers from all over Asia and Europe.

The four strategic points of the event will be:

  1. ICT and business education.
  2. ICT solutions.
  3. Gamification and business education.
  4. Launching cultures in Europe and Asia.

The biggest meeting between young Europeans and policy experts: “WE THE YOUNG PEOPLE OF EUROPE”  ends up being a big success.





UNIMEL education has been one of the participants, together with other organizations, in the elaboration of a draft proposal for the European Parliament. The project, “We the Young People of Europe” gathered 60 young participants from five different countries: Britain, Poland, Italy, Greece and Spain. There the students discussed key issues in the achievement of a democracy for Europe. In addition, the participants had the chance to acquire training in values, experience in education, innovation, the democratization of states and to discuss the different situations of countries outside the European Union.

In addition one of the main issues was to highlight the situation of Syria and the issues that Europe is facing concerning the refugees of war.



The main purpose of the initiative, funded by the European Commission, was to encourage young people to participate in an open debate for the change and improvement of the institutions.

The project was organized  through parliamentary parties and divided into committees. Students exchanged opinions to write a first draft that was subsequently put to the vote of the other groups. In addition to parliamentary sessions, each of the members shared meetings with officials and experts from European policy in order to acquire all the information and skills required for the final papers.


UNIMEL EDUCATION aimed with this opportunity to reinforce the collaboration among countries. They are committed to the improvement of education and democracy . This is achieved through a dynamic , participatory approach and enriching experience. The 12 selected students will remember this unique project for the rest of their lives.

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