The Law of the Jungle

Miguel Ángel Gómez  is a Valencian lawyer from Alzira, currently based in Sagunto. But once a year, Miguel Angel the mild mannered lawyer enters a telephone box and out comes Miguel Angel, jungle explorer and monkey brain eater in the best Indiana Jones fashion, exploring the heart of darkness. Furthermore, he is about to publish his third book to prove it beyond the measure of a doubt, your honour.


The latest book deal with his adventures in the Amazon jungle, in the region between Zacaya and Calderón.

This was the latest of some 25 journeys in faraway places such as Sudan, Uganda, Ruanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Iran, Cambodia, India, the Sahara, Senegal or Tanzania.


His first two books are entitled ‘Sudán, inolvidable’ and ‘Remando hacia el Amazonas’.

Next year he faces his greatest challenge yet; a week in Benidorm all included!

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