Textil Energy: Here Comes the Sun

Whenever I lie in the shade of a big oak tree refreshing myself with a glass (or a bottle) of red red wine, I like to know that my phone is recharging out there in the sun, and that in my own good time I can fold up my solar charger and slip it smoothly into my rucksack or picnic basket, while others suffer needlessly from nomophobia, a sickness that afflicts 77% of teenagers, who can’t bear to be off line.

They needn’t worry, an energetic Valencian startup called Textil Energy has the solution; or rather a whole range of solutions so that you need never go mobile hungry again.


Juan Toribio has been around, having studied in 7 universities, starting out as an industrial engineer at Castellón University.


With his collaborators Juan Demetrio Chillarón, Leonides García, Juan P. Martínez-Pastor, Rafael Albergues, David Montoro and Jesús Nieto he started Textil Energy in 2013, bringing together years of research experience at a time when there was no money for research and precious little for innovation.


Unperturbed, and with a little bit of help from Valencia’s Polytechnic University (UPV) he has been producing a series of products designed to harness renewable energy sources to ensure that nobody need go without their power supply, wherever they are.


Slowly but surely they are reaching out, and their products are now available in most of Europe, and the American market is beginning to open up too.

With Textil Energy power is where you are; their flexible chargers milk the sun for batteries, streetlights, and harness power by using parasols or bicycles (the latter known as eWings, as the wing-like solar panels attach to the rear of the bicycle).

Sailing is another area where Textil Energy is at the forefront of inexpensive innovation. By incorporating their flexible solar modules into the fabric of a sail (one of the earliest forms of renewable energy), sailors are supplied with another form of energy to ensure that they are never stranded at sea.

With their goal to achieve energy self-sufficiency at the individual level, Textil Energy works to develop the best technology applicable to its products, based on R & D in areas such as:

  • Photovoltaics of 2nd and 3rd Generation
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Optoelectronics
  • Telecommunications

Their products are outstanding for their efficiency, safety, durability and ruggedness due to the high level of technological development incorporated, along with rigorous quality control.

Textil Energy is currently in a phase of internationalisation and offers the opportunity to investors to participate in its business at a primary stage of its development at https://www.crowdcube.es/.

They are also keen to collaborate with research groups at universities, in order to develop new products.

They can be contacted at: info@textilenergy.com


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