Torrescamera Still Building

Torrescamera won two new contracts in South America in February 2017. Water supply tunnels in Columbia and a bridge in Peru have brought 35 million euros into the company’s coffers as it continues to grow internationally.

The Valencian Company with HQ in Avenida del Puerto continues its policy of internationalisation as a way of surviving the construction crisis in Spain, and in April 2016 won a contract to build an important road between Túcume and Mórrope, worth 6.6 million euros, following another successful tender to rehabilitate the Main Archive of Lima in Peru for 12 million euros.


Altogether the Company has achieved well over 100 million euros in contracts, mostly in Peru and Columbia.

Previous contracts in Peru include a university faculty in Cuzco, a flyover in Trujillo, the rehabilitation of schools in Yurimaguas and Atalaya, a dock at Morro Sama, the reinforcing of a river bank at Chicama and a sports centre in Palpa.

In Columbia they have rehabilitated a tunnel for the aqueduct that carries Bogota’s drinking water

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