Selling Sun in London

Here comes the Valencian sun!

Somebody finally seems to have found out how to bottle the sun, and now Valencian companies are exporting their sunlight to the UK.

Well, to be accurate 60% of Valencian solar panelling is now being bought up by UK companies and authorities as the British chase the sun.

About 150 Valencian companies operate in the solar energy sector, and many of them are suffering because of the government’s decision not to favour renewable energies.

85% of Spain’s solar energy market is now abroad, and while flat Earthers insist that if solar energy is used it will run out, unlike fossil fuels, forward looking countries in northern Europe are investing heavily in non-polluting forms of energy.

The UK for example has tripled its solar energy capacity in the last two years.

One Valencian solar farm builder, Grupo Tec, has in four short years become the second biggest operator in the UK.

Logo Grupotec (Hor-Neg)

In fact, 95% of the company’s 150,000,000€ income comes from abroad currently, and 85% of that from the UK.

All that is set to change however as the company expands into the North American market and into Mexico; not to mention Morocco, Italy, France, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Algeria and India.


Another example is Axial; of their 2014 revenue of 30,000,000€, 70% came from the UK.


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