Sam’s Pram on the Cutting Edge

If like me you are fed up watching parents pushing their prams, ignoring their babies while focused on their smart phones, then here is the answer. Tech-up your baby and let it ignore you!

The solution comes from Samuel García Gil, a Valencian industrial engineer with an MBA from Imperial College Business School, London.

Samuel created the HeeTee Mayfair stroller, which generates energy when you push it and is the king pram of multi-tasking.

It has a built-in bottle warmer, USB port, heated seats and tablet dock. In fact it’s so advanced that parents will soon be pushing baby out with the bath water to get themselves some of that hi-tech.

Sam’s pram has won an award at World of Moving Kids, at the Kind+Jugend fair in Cologne, Germany, as the most innovative pram soon to be on the market.


Unfortunately, as Sam developed his idea in the UK, it turns out that the perambulator is a right hand drive, an obligation these days in Stalag Brexit.


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