Running for Nepal….in the Calderona

As Valencia is fast becoming ‘the’ running city, the surrounding countryside is also staking its claim to healthy living.

On 6th March 2016 the closest mountain range to the city of Valencia, the easily visible Sierra Calderona was the venue for the 2nd 44 kilometre Marathon and 1st 21 kilometre Half Marathon of the Sierra Calderona.

Trail Running isn’t as popular as city running, but runners from all over Spain thought it worthwhile to give it a go, and even more worthwhile was the fact that the NGO SOS Himalaya will benefit economically from the race, with registration monies being donated to reconstruct buildings destroyed in the earthquake of April 2015.

Specifically the funds will help reconstruct a hostel in Timbu and extend a schools built by the same NGO in 2012 in the valleys of Helanbu Makalu.


The races, run through the areas belonging to the villages of Serra, Segart and Estivella, went up and down the hills and gulleys, reaching as high as 2,250 metres above sea level and never descending below 1,000 metres.

The race included three mountain summits: Alt del Pi, Mola de Segart and Garbi.


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