Runator; Running for Nepal

Valencia is fast becoming an international city of runners, as any evening strolling along Turia park will show you.


It is logical therefore that a Valencian techno company should come up with the idea for Runator.

Now this young company has come up with an idea that will allow runners to get in their crucial training and at the same time help the victims of the Nepal earthquakes.

On the 12th of September 2015 runners using the Runator app raised money for Nepal, which will be channeled through Oxfam.

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Using an electronic app, runners could run as far as they liked (the mínimum is 5km) and then compare their results to other runners, and receive a virtual medal. For full details check out this website:

So how did Runator come about?

At Christmas 2013 a group of keen Spanish runners had signed up for the 2014 New York Marathon and were planning their training to make sure they were in shape for race day. Understandably as the team began to get together to prepare for the coming months, questions started to arise such as; how do you train? How often? What is your predicted finished time?

The team wanted to train together (but not all in the same place) so tracking how often everyone was training and, their pace and distance was important to ensure that everyone was on target to achieve their goals. They quickly realized that the majority used different running apps so they put their heads together and came up with Runator, the hub for running apps, a project led by CEO, Bruno Muñoz.

By pulling running workouts from different running apps such as Runkeeper, Endomondo, Runtastic, Nike+, Strava, Polar or Garmin; runners have all the stats from their friends at their fingertips on just one platform. Apart from creating a social environment and allowing team training across various apps, you can challenge your friends while keeping the data in one place.

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With Runator you can follow friends or great runners to see how they train and compare your pace, number of workouts, distance to become an even better runner.

Running needn’t be a competition but it is always fun to see that you’re beating your friends, running faster than others and to compare your progress with other members of the running community.


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