Rock Music Video with Daze of Dawn in the Teatre Micalet.

International Valencian rock band DAZE OF DAWN – international because the lead singer/guitarist is from Canada – have just released their first official Music Video for the single FALLING IN LOVE from their new album SOFA KING COOL.

The video was recorded in the historic Teatre Micalet near the city centre. The production crew Estudio Laberinto are a group of young directors, lighting experts and editors working on some of their first projects as a serious production  team and were happy to get together with the band to work on the video.

FALLING IN LOVE Video Shoot 4Daze of Dawn are:
Claude Robillard: (Guitar, Vocals)
Carlos Sanchez: (Bass)
Miguel Angel Nueda: (Drums)
and sometimes:
Gabriele Del Vecchio (Keyboards)

FALLING IN LOVE Video Produced by:


Director: Jorge Carlos Jorge
Director of Photography: Daniel M. Benavent
Lighting: Peter Antimateria
Editing and FX: Ernesto Arnal
Make up: Genny Cecotto

Actress: Maria Mogort Mesenguer

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