Pillow Talk etc

When a man is contented he belches, farts, spits or snores; this is his nature, and it is good. These things are however, unbecoming in a woman.


Recently a Valencian company, Manterol of Onteniente, invented a pillow that it claims can help to reduce snoring, which seems to me to be a bit of a waste of time as my wife doesn’t snore all that much following years of appropriate training.


Of course, the pillow can be used to smother the alleged culprit, although the people at Manterol do not under any circumstances recommend this approach.

The makers claim, following clinical tests, that the pillow reduces the amount of apnea by an average of 67.60%, and the number of snores by 72.50%. The actual time spent snoring is reduced by 81.60% and the volume by 42.00%.


Alternatively, a sharp dig of the elbow in the ribs will usually reduce your wife’s snoring by about 100%, if only temporarily, but with considerably less expense.

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