Murviedro Gets the Clap

“The clothes maketh the man” somebody once said; I think it might have been Shakespeare as he always got it wrong, or should I say he goteth it wrong?

Whoever said it, it is an undeniable truth that today packaging is important, whether you package yourself in a three piece suit, or in torn jeans and multiple piercings.

So we may as well celebrate that one of Valencia’s best winemakers, Murviedro, is also pretty cool when it comes to choosing flashy containers for their wines.

A transparent bottle is no longer de rigeur as today’s hipster bottles need to tell a story; preferably in colour and in 20 episodes.

Murviedro’s Sangría Borriquito, a young fizzy cocktail, has won a prize for the best packaging in the aptly named Clap Awards, which cover all Latin America and Spain, and which foment avant guard industrial and graphic design.


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