A Message from Paula and Pablo

Valencia International received this from www.koloritmedia.es
We’ve made a video explainer about the Spanish political situation: who is who? how have we come to this? what is likely to happen next?
We were a bit “bored” of explaining to our English speaking friends, once and again, what’s going on in Spain. That’s why we have made an English version in a fun and different format and as basic (and complete!) as we have managed.
We call it “The scrapbook of the Spanish political mess”.
We have recently come back to Valencia after a few years away and we are producing digital contents (blogs, videos, photos, social media), both in Spanish and English.
Since the question “what’s going on in your country” comes up almost everyday, we thought this video explainer was a good starting point for this particular format.
You can watch the video here:

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