The decision by Barclays Bank to abandon Spain was a moment of epiphany for their Valencian employee Inma Meco. After years of experience in dealing with people and helping them overcome their problems, she had to look for a new outlet for her talents.


After doing a Masters Degree in Management, focusing on the leisure and hostelry sectors, a conversation with a doctor made her realise that hospitalisation created a series of problems for foreign patients that the medical profession was not trained to deal with or even expected to resolve.

Medtravelco was born.

However, like all good ideas, it needed nourishing and it needed hard work; and from the first idea in 2014 to the arrival of her first clients in July 2015 there was a long process of building up a network of  contacts in the medical profession and in the tourism industry, because Medtravelco offers a complete package for people looking to combine treatment with a holiday; and Spain, with its wonderful weather, monuments and gastronomy, and excellent medical professionals and resources, was the perfect location.

Apart from spending her school days at the Jesús and Maria school in Valencia and studying law at CEU University, Inma travelled a lot, and picked up languages and developed her people skills, as well as gaining a broader vision of the different societies making up the European Union.

The pieces started coming together and now Inma runs a fully integrated service that is bringing patients and income to the more than 100 health facilities that she works with in Spain, and especially in her native Valencia Community.

Currently her clients are mostly from the UK and Italy, although a planned trip to the Ukraine could expand her portfolio in the near future.

She also provides a consultancy service to Spanish health institutions, training their staff to deal with foreign patients and to obtain the certificated levels of quality that are expected and demanded by them.

Whether it be a visit to the dentist or fertility treatment, whether a planned visit or an unexpected twist of fate, Medtravelco means that patients never need to feel alone, and that somebody cares about them.

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