Lithuanian Rock in Valencia

On the 8th of April 2016 Andrius will publish a new single named “The gist”. through YouTube and all his social networks. The song is the first single of new album “Seven” that will be published at the end of May 2016. “The gist”  starts with words “be yourself” and ends remembering that “this world is our home”.
This is a message of spontaneity and respect for life and living that Andrius hopes to communicate with this song.
As a follow up, the video of “The gist” has been recorded by Andrius with the use of selfie technique (stick and iPhone). The location is Valencia city, where Andrius is currently living. The selfie video technique has been chosen for it’s simplicity and efficiency.
The album “Seven” will be recorded at the Cut Record Studio in Valencia  with the help of Andrius’ followers who are participating in a crowd-funding campaign through the website Kickstarter.
“The gist” will in fact be available only for the backers of the campaign for the first 10 days.

Seven” will be recorded at the end of May 2016. The album will have 4 main singles in English and another 3 English songs, plus 2 special Lithuanian songs, as a tribute to his own country.

 Listen to a teaser of his work here:
and his single in a very Valencian video-clip on Youtube here:
Andrius started his solo career in 2010, when he wrote his first album in Lithuanian. ‘Aštuoni’ is the name of this album and it was recorded in 2012 in Milan at ‘Massive Arts Studios’. The first single of this album ‘Traukiniai’ reached the Lithuanian Top 20.
In 2013 Andrius was selected to represent Lithuania at the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ with his own song ‘Something,’ reaching the final of the contest in Sweden.
After this experience Andrius moved to the UK, where he wrote his new album Seven.


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