Light at the End of the Garage?

Lug Energy now offers advice and energy saving products at street level, having opened a retail outlet at Avenida Hermanos Machado 137, Valencia, where shoppers can find ways to reduce energy expenditure and help the environment.

Everybody talks about ecology, but three Young Valencian scientists are actually doing something about it. Convinced that the electric car is the vehicle of the future, and refusing to accept that the teething problems are insurmountable, Victor Sanchís, Luis Cejalvo and Luis Sebastián set up Lug Energy, a Valencian company that provides recharging installations for electrical cars for families, for residential blocks of flats, companies and the public administration.


Their collaboration began when they were studying their degrees in Industrial Engineering at Valencia’s prestigious Polytechnic University, where, while still studying, and riding electric-powered motorbikes, they set up a web-based company.

According to them, their mission is to become world leaders in solutions for electric vehicle charging, offering the most economical and innovative solutions on the market and removing any obstacle to the acquisition of an electric vehicle due to problems related to the installation of a charging point.

Lug Energy is a refreshing idea, based as it is not solely upon the profit principle, but upon values, as stated on their web site.

They believe for example in efficiency as a source of success, liking things to be done well and promptly.

They aspire to innovation in 100% of their work and services, doing things differently, and doing them before the rest

They hope to adapt to change before anyone else, recognizing and correcting mistakes.

Their aim is to work, change, redirect, manage, and decide at high speed, avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy.

And they believe in talent as the driving force of their organization.

Their Charge Manager System is for blocks of flats or groups of houses with a common parking area. It is the only one of its kind in Spain and has a central meter which provides energy to several charging points.

What’s more Lug Energy believes in renewable sources of energy, so your electric car can be powered by solar and wind energy. Their installations are turnkey projects; no fiddling round with cables or dropping screwdrivers on your foot; you provide the space and they do the rest.


Progress has admittedly been slow, for until the ice caps finally melt and the seas rise up and destroy our coastal cities, it seems that most people’s idea of ecological sacrifice consists only of walking that extra 20 metres to the bottle bank.

So far they’ve installed less than 200 units, mainly in Madrid, Valladolid and Andalucía, but are hoping that the rest of Europe will soon wake up, as is the case in Norway, to the multiple advantages of electric vehicles.

Lug Energy is a winner of the European Union’s Low Carbon Incubator award.

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