Indigraf: Philosophical Design

There might be more profitable design companies than Indigraf, or even better ones, but you certainly won’t find a more philosophical company than this Valencia-based company that counts among its clients such giants as Philips: (in the Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Austria, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai; Grounding (Portugal), PSA (Peugeot Citroën) (France), Magnetic Marelli (France), Valeo (Spain), Ford (Germany), Porsche (Germany), Volkswagen (Spain), Siemens (Spain), Rolex (Switzerland), Swatch (Switzerland) and Macosa (Spain).

The company, led by CEO Rafael Corell has been turning out attractive, modern designs since the 1990s, and among its products are the spaceship lookalike vacuum cleaners Mini Vac, Marathon and Performer.

Indigraf_Fotografias 07

Other products to pass across their drawing boards include cars, trains, watches, mobile phones, furniture, lighting features and various electrical appliances.

And among the prizes they have collected are the IF award and the Red Dot Award, the latter competition having existed since 1954, being an internationally recognised quality seal.

But what really attracts your attention to indigraf is as I say their philosophy. A look at their website could be a substitution for an instant philosophy course for secondary school students when text books are so expensive these days.

Here are some examples:

Indigraf Objetos

“Details aren’t only in objects; they also have to be present in the way we deal with other people”.

“Pragmatism establishes that truth is what works”.

“Pragmatism prevents prejudices and adds value to acts”.

“Craftmanship brings ‘soul’”.

Indigraf Objetos 2

“To be a designer or an engineer is not a job, it’s a profession”.

These homegrown quotes are accompanied by a range of citations from people such as Einstein or Oscar Wilde.



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