IES Serpis Catches Fire!

Rosa Real is the first teacher to try out Valencia International’s ‘Fire! Fire! What do I do?’ activity.


Rosa teaches Physical Education in English at the IES Serpis secondary school, and invited VI to collaborate with a class of 1st ESO students at 8 o’clock in the morning.

The activity is designed to practise various skills such as scanning, vocabulary development, understanding from context and also involves elements of both collaboration and competition, as the students work in teams against other teams.


The students have to scan 5 British Fire Brigade leaflets looking for key phrases and identifying missing words. When they find a word, they have to cross the gym and communicate the word to a team-mate, practising both speaking and listening skills. They also have to remember the phrase in order to communicate it.


While crossing the gym, they are reminded of the importance of keeping low during a fire, to minimize the danger of smoke intoxication.


Rosa felt that the students not only practised several important skills and learnt something useful, but they also had fun; serious fun!


The activity was made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Santillana Richmond publishing company, and is one of several activities currently being offered to schools in the Valencia Community by Valencia International.

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