Misericordia Students Write about L’Iber Museum

A group of students from the CIPFP Misericordia College, accompanied by their teacher Meritxell Ferrer visited the L’Iber Museum on 16th of April 2015 to discover what the world’s largest collection of toy soldiers looks like, and to discover the truth about heroes and villains and pretty women from Hollywood.


We asked them to write their opinions about the visit, and this is what they said

Simple, fun and educational. I’ve never thought that toys could tell us about historical facts so well. The recreations of the battles is what I liked the most. Highly Recommended.



The visit to the L´Iber Museum has been very interesting. I didn’t know Valencia had the largest museum of toy soldiers, located in a building with a lot of history. Our tour guide informed us and guided us through the different rooms, and finally we finished the visit with an interesting explanation of the differences and similarities between the films and real history. I recommend it’

Cristina MF

It has been a very interesting visit. Bob Yareham, the guide, made a critical explanation about a historical film (made in different Spanish locations) and the real history of these facts. I recommend this visit to L’Iber Museum because it is a good opportunity to increase our critical point of view about the cinema industry and to practise English too. It was a pleasure. Thank you, Bob!


I was very interested in going to L’ Iber Museum of Soldiers, I learned a lot and hope to go again. Furthermore, thanks to Bob I’ve heard stories that I didn’t know about.



I found the tour very interesting because it was a very old place where I could discover history from years ago, and all was very well explained with figures representing the story Job meant, I would undoubtedly repeat.



I liked the visit to the museum very much. It is really a journey back in time. This museum is very interesting and is for all ages. I recommend it. Thank you for the visit!


I found the visit to the L’Iber Museum  very interesting because there were many scenes of scale models representing parts of the history that I had already studied and I really liked remembering them. I also enjoyed seeing the beautiful towns where English films were filmed here in Spain.



I liked the presentation because Bob explained in a simple and entertaining way. I recommend visiting the museum, it’s interesting and a good way to learn.



Last Thursday we went to the museum L’Iiber in Valencia where we saw a small part of the world history about different battles and warlike confrontations of great importance. Personally, I liked the visit because you learn something new and interesting about some of our ancestors. Thanks to Bob for his patience and sympathy with us.



I liked Bob’s presentation because I love history and I think it is a good way to learn historical and general culture.

Diego Morales


I liked visiting the museum for the beauty of its ancient architecture and because I learned a lot guided by Bob, who explained the story the of Spain through films and toy soldiers. I recommend it!



I have found the museum visit interesting and educational. Our guide knew how to get our attention and he made us participate actively in the visit. In the museum, every scene represents a part of history and is a work of art. I liked very much to discover the truth about heroes, villains and pretty women from Hollywood and, especially, the geographic tour through Spain in the film “Kingdom of Heaven”.



It was a very interesting experience because you can learn history in a dynamic and fun manner, and above all it motivates you to paint a toy, I will do it!!!!!!



I liked it because it is the largest museum collection of toy soldiers . It tells the story of Spain and finally the film we have seen has taught us about the nature of Spain that I did not know existed.



I enjoyed the visit and I would repeat the experience. I think collecting toy soldier is a nice hobby, and this hobby shows our history.




I liked the visit to L’Iber museum, it is an interesting history world in miniature. You see all those toy soldiers, they transport you through history to tell you the story from today our world transformed and capitalist. The most interesting part for me was the Napoleonic room, the passing of Hannibal by Sagunto and the inventions that have been made and are still in use today.



I found it very interesting. I liked the historical representations with toy soldiers . It’s much more fun to learn the facts of world history in this way. I recommend the activity especially for people who like history.





I liked the visit very much. Bob is a fantastic person and I learned many things from him.

I didn’t know this museum. It was the first time for me, I recommend this place. It is very curious and nice for itshistory. I’ll go again with my family because I want to show it to them.




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