Guillermo Polo: a Valencian in Hollywood

In 2008, Guillermo Polo graduated from Valencia Polytechnic University, today he’s in Hollywood; proof that the American dream can come true, and that a scientific education doesn’t necessarily mean life in a lab; or even in Germany.

Before leaving Spain he directed a short film “Artifact”,
and another called “Hyperesthesia”.

He has also worked as a Professor at the University of Havana in Cuba and studied at the University of California in Los Angeles.


Since he landed in Hollywood Guilermo has had many projects, working with Turanga Films, Morena Films,Vaca Films, Absolut Vodka, Out of the Box Features, City Drive Group, Stella Adler Academy of Theater, Entertainment Inc. Chris Nolan Productions and That wasn’t me, which received an Academy Award nomination for Short Film 2014.
Not bad.

His camera work in in great demand and recent examples have included “Unpredictable” by Celeste Buckingham.
“Up for whatever” by Bud Light, Shorts such as “Nowhere Hours”, “Leading lady” and “The Elevator”, or the music video “Mirage”.

So recognized is his work behind the camera that in 2012
he was one of the Camera Operators at the Oscar Academy Awards ceremony.

He has also tried his hand at directing with a short film called “On the border”.

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