Grupo San Ramón: Love & Milk

Grupo San Ramón is based near Requena and has been gently squeezing milk from cows since 2005, although the organisation has thrived in the sector since the 1970s.

Now the company’s successful, sustainable model is being copied in pasture new, specifically in France, Italy and the Ukraine.

With a turnover of 9 million euros in 2014, which is expected to more than double in 2015, San Ramón’s dairy farms at Requena and Bétera are considered the most modern and most productive in Spain, with an output of 17 million litres of prime quality milk in 2014.

But it’s not only dairy products that San Ramón’s cows produce; the company has a holistic approach to its cows and takes advantage of all their products, even those whose names we dare not mention, to produce bio-gas, with which the company is self-sustaining energy-wise and contributes energy also to the grid.

And it doesn’t stop there; the shit far from hitting the fan, is used to create fertilizers, both for home use and for sale.

In fact, so pampered are San Ramón cows, who even have their own specially made pillows to lay their weary heads upon, that other cows are organizing protests at the company gates, forcing the company to call in the cattle police on several occasions.

The company, whose slogan is ‘only love is better than milk’, was founded by Ramón Garcerá Esteve, with a mere 20 cows, a number which has multiplied to the current 2,000, as is the case with employees, who today number 60 people.

san ramon

The company is now spreading its message to new pastures with joint ventures in Toulouse, France; Tuscany, Italy and Kiev, Ukraine.

San Ramón has a doors open policy and welcomes visits to its premises at Finca la Bonora, Campo Arcís near Requena, where visitors can spend some idyllic hours gazing into the eyes of contented cows until they come home.


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