A great big smile


A great big smile conveys sincerity and security in oneself and helps us be more successful.


Nowadays there is scientific evidence that people who smile are more successful both socially and professionally but, contrary to what you might think, smiling not only conveys happiness: it also conveys security in oneself. This facial expression has the power to generate attraction in the people around us and cause positive effects, whether we’re in a work meeting or at a party.

Interestingly enough, the secret lies not in the beauty but rather in the sincerity inherent in the spontaneity of the smile. Unfortunately, the strength of the very naturalness of the gesture can be diminished by self-consciousness when people who have a less than aesthetically appealing smile try to hide the defects so that others can’t see them; they end up looking insincere, and the power of their smile is depleted.

The main reasons for people to smile with self-consciousness are related to tooth color and position; we can also cite size issues-—too large or too small—-as well as spaces between teeth or showing too much gum width as other problems that cause individuals to suffer a complex with regards to their smile.

As Dr. Primitivo Roig, director of dentalDoctors Centro Odontológico VLC explains it, “fortunately, Dentistry offers solutions for all these cases nowadays, and the progress made in recent years puts techniques and procedures that allow us to solve them in a faster, less invasive and more comfortable way well within reach.”

For the dentalDoctors director and expert dentist, “the most important thing is getting to know the patient, listening to him or her and understanding exactly what the expectations are.” And he goes on to assure us that “that’s the only way that we can find the most adequate solution and get patients to cooperate with the work itself so that the treatment ends with the success everyone wants.”

Cosmetic treatments are pre-eminently emotional ones; not so much for the procedures themselves but for the consequences that their outcomes hold for the patients as people. As Dr. Roig explains, “it’s extremely gratifying to see how Dentistry can change someone’s attitude towards life by simply improving their smile. This change goes way beyond the mouth area and involves the person in his or her entirety.”

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