Glasses you wood love to wear

Woody Allen doesn’t wear wooden glasses, but he would probably like them, being a believer in the ‘small is beautiful’ philosophy. Móler wooden glasses are Made in Valencia; the frames fortunately not the lenses, and they have been an on-going project since 2013, when two industrial designers from Burjasot, who had met at university, decided that Henry Ford’s vision of mass production, where you can choose any colour you want as long as it’s black, was not for them.


‘Technology’ is a Greek word, which means ‘arts and crafts’, and it was to return to this artisan approach to industry that led Leticia Soler, Rubén Soler and José López to create ‘Móler.’


As Rubén and his fellow founder of the project both belonged to the category of the people that cruel children call ‘four eyes,’ it seemed only natural to explore that market and to launch the fight against plastic.


Wooden glasses may sound like a contradiction, but that’s what they make, by hand, a pair at a time.


Móler is a true ‘family’ company; Rubén and Leticia (who joined the company a little later) are brother and sister, and José, their uncle, is an experienced joiner with a workshop in Silla, a good place to be a carpenter you might think. And it is in his workshop that the individual pairs of glasses are produced, each one different from the others.


Among them they have a lot of Valencia international experience; José has plied his trade in Morocco, Russia, Nigeria and Guinea, while Rubén has worked for two companies in China as a designer, while Leticia has collaborated with Amnesty International.

And little by little, step by step, they are extending their network of clients abroad, and have begun making inroads into the markets of Germany, Portugal, Chile and Brazil.

In the photo, José, Leticia and Rubén can be seen wearing their Monza Zebrano, Manhattan Azul and California Zebrano models.

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