FEDE and Deere: David and Goliath

Quality counts, and if you aim for excellence, you don’t have to be lying in the gutter to see the stars, you can be signing contracts with a major multinational instead.

When representatives of the American machinery giant John Deere visited Cheste, they found a perfect, small partner in FEDE, whose values of quality, honesty, innovation and fair trade coincided perfectly with those of the Americans.

Since 1967 this family SME has been working in the agricultural machinery sector, especially spraying vehicles used for crop protection, and is now the exclusive supplier of John Deere products in the sector; products that they have been manufacturing since 1837, when the company was founded as a blacksmith’s in Illinois.


FEDE also plays with the big boys, having representation in 15 countries on 4 continents.

The company has three production centres in Cheste, Chiva and China, and are no doubt looking for another place that starts with C as we speak.

With almost 30 employees, and surrounded by an area immersed in the cultivation of vines, olives and cereals, they have sailed through the crisis by maintaining core values and looking for advantageous alliances.

FEDE doesn’t only distribute John Deere products, they have their own prize winning designs, such as the Futur Smart Air, which won an Innovation Award at Vegetal World 2014, designed to reduce fuel costs and noise.

Ecology is high on the agenda for FEDE; their range of Ecoteqi products are examples efficient and environmentally friendly equipment attempting to reduce CO2 emissions and the use of harmful products.


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