DAZE OF DAWN – Interview about the band and new album SOFA KING COOL

Klyde talks about Daze of Dawn the band and the new album: SOFA KING COOL (Clamrecords 2013).

About the Album and how we got here in the first place.

This album has fallen together almost magically before our eyes.  Last summer (2012) we were about to begin another DIY recording project to make a new album on our budget of 0 euros when we were suddenly selected for Sona La Dipu 2012, a major, province-wide Pop-Rock contest produced by the Diputacion de Valencia.  The contest involved playing large concerts and battling other bands through several rounds to audiences of 3000-5000 people and a final stadium concert to almost 10,000 people. The grand prize was a full-length professional album recording and a summer festival tour.  This is arguably the best prize offered anywhere in Spain (or other countries for that matter) for a battle of the bands contest.  So we decided to hold off on the recording (we had already laid down 6 drum tracks) and enter the contest.  We chose 5 new songs to use in the competition, and they took us all the way to the final…and the grand prize.

Sofa King Cool

Album cover design by Arman Rivera

Now that we´ve won, we finally get to show the world what Daze of Dawn can do in a professional recording studio.  The new album SOFA KING COOL was recorded in just 8 days and has 14 tracks.  It is, without a doubt, our best work EVER and boasts twelve new original songs and two of our favorite live covers (You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette and I Am The Walrus – Lennon/McCartney).  Recorded by Pau Chafer at RC Estudios in Xativa Spain, and Mixed/Masterd by Manu Tomas, the new album sounds absolutely amazing and together with the truly trippy artwork on the cover by artist Armando Alberto Rivera Perez, it really is SOFA KING COOL.

SOFA KING COOL available now on:
iTunes – http://bit.ly/142tTSG
CD Baby – http://bit.ly/17cKer5
Amazon – http://amzn.to/11uLWvi
Bandcamp – http://bit.ly/17cKaYl
and all other major download portals.

About the Band


Claude Robillard (Klyde) – Vocals, guitars, harmonica
Miguel Angel Nueda – Drums
Carlos Sanchéz Barberá – Bass

and sometimes…
+ Gabriel Del Vecchio – Keyboards

Daze of Dawn

Daze of Dawn

For the first time ever, Daze of Dawn is a rock power trio.  This is a new thing, but something that quickly became very comfortable for us (we started in 2001 as five members, later dropped down to four, and have finally arrived at the magical three).  Since I also sing, The switch to being the only guitar in the band was at first like walking a fine line between getting a brain aneurysm and playing the song correctly since I had to hold so many different activities in my head at once.  The best part about being the only guitarist is that you can pretty much play whatever the hell you want and there´s no other amplifier you have to compete with for space.  Also the bass has room to really come forward and express those low frequencies  and overall, we feel more integrated with the drums.  The other side of course is that there is nowhere to hide your errors…but then when you do make them, you can say ¨I switched to experimental jazz there for a second¨ and then people will think you are even cooler for it.

Recording with us on the album was Gabriel Del Vecchio (Los Perros del Boogie), a good friend of ours who has quickly become an honorary member of the band and a total superstar in our live shows.  Does this mean we are still a POWER TRIO?  Well, we like to think of it as a ¨POWER TRIO WITH A BAD-ASS KEYBOARDIST ON THE SIDE¨.




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