Collapsing and Expanding: Navlandis’ Big Bang

Navlandis is a young Valencian company that has evolved from the Valencia Polytechnic University’s Ideas programme to become a company ready to resolve a lot of the world’s logistics and energy problems.

Their invention, a collapsible container for shipping companies, has been selected to compete in the competition for the best start-up cleantech in Europe in October 2015 in Birmingham, UK:

The company has earned its place in Birmingham as a result of being awarded the Venture Competition prize in Spain, promoted by Climate-Kic, a European Union initiative.

The container is designed to reduce CO2 emissions by making it possible to use the space that is lost when empty containers have to be transported to their next destination, which would of course also reduce transport costs.

Nasty, Old-Fashioned, Non-Collapsible Container

Nasty, Old-Fashioned, Non-Collapsible Container





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