Codigames and the 17 Million

17 million people can’t be wrong, most of the time, and the latest video game by the Valencian startup Codigames has been played 17 million times in a year.


Of course it could just be one really sad guy locked in an attic with a lifetime supply of coca cola and pizza, but in fact it probably means that the game is really popular.

The most popular game mode, with more than five million games played, is the Epic Battle, where players fight in real-time on the Internet. Others prefer the campaign option, which allows them to visit several popular cities and places in ancient Egypt and defeat the malignant Seth and his minions.

United States is the country with more Empires of Sand active players, followed by Spain and China. France, United Kingdom and Canada are pretty keen too.

But fighting the evil Seth is not the only concern of Codigames; their other games include: Schools of Magic, King of Party, Infinity Space, Cross the Line and The Mordis.

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