Calatrava Looks East

Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava continues to push back the boundaries, and this time it is the Chinese who will be enjoying his curves, with three bridges, called Xihu, Xianbi and Licong, which will form part of the expansion of the city of Huashan, situated approximately 20 kilometers east of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province in central China spanning a new canal, which is part of the River Yangtze,


These three steel bridges will span 1.5 kilometers of the new Yangtze River canal, will facilitate vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians between the two sides and along the banks of the rapidly developing city. The construction of these bridges is central to the development of Huashan’s new urban center.

The Xianbi Bridge, the middle of the three bridges, is 129 meters long with an arch extending 42.3 meters high with two traffic lanes with a support structure in the centre.

The westernmost Xihu Bridge is designed with a single and is 102.7 meters long. The easternmost Lincong Bridge, is 118 meters long and 26.1 meters high.

All three bridges have a pedestrian pathway, allowing pedestrians to cross the channel

Construction is expected to begin in late 2016.

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