The Beatles in Villar del Arzobispo

The legendary British pop group The Beatles made a special appearance in the legendary Valencian village of Villar del Arzobispo on November 26th 2014.


The story of the group was told to students thanks to an invitation from Scottish English teacher Claire Wood, who contacted Valencia International to arrange the event.

Sponsored by the Santillana-Richmond publishing company, students at the IES Serrania secondary school discovered how four young men from Liverpool became the most famous group in history.

Through a selection of songs the students also did some language activities and saw photographs never previously seen……… Villar del Arzobispo.

This is what the students wrote a few days later:

“Last week, in our practical English classes, an English man from a newspaper came to give us a talk about The Beatles.
We were very surprised as we understood everything that he told us. The information he gave us was very interesting and we learned lots of things we didn’t know, like the fact that the Beatles weren’t very good students.
We also really enjoyed the songs and activities, our favourite one was, ‘She Loves You’.
The only criticism we have about the talk is that we’d have liked it to be longer. So, please, Mr. Bob, come back to IES La Serrania again”.

That’s a promise!

They also sent us these photos:




The activity was the first show, but the Beatles are now on tour and are available for a select number of performances.

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