Angels Don’t Need Wings: Pascal Kleiman

One of the winners of Spain’s 2009 Goya awards (the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars, was a film about the French-born, Valencia-based DJ Pascal Kleiman by director Ángel Loza, who spent most of his childhood in Catellón province, Valencia.


Pascal was born in Toulouse in 1968, from whose University he graduated in Law, and started in the world of music with the explosion of French free radio during the 80s. With his radio program ‘Virus’ Pascal showcased independent underground punk and funk music.

In 1992 Pascal took up his first Spanish residency at the legendary Madrid club ‘Attica’.

He then moved to Valencia in 1993 where he took on a new residency at ‘NOD’.

In 1996 Pascal created the record label ‘UV’ with the purpose of producing alternative artists from Valencia’s electronic music scene. He also owns his own record shop in Valencia.

None of this would be especially unusual were it not for the fact that Pascal was born without arms as a result of his mother having taken the notorious thalidomide medicine during pregnancy, and that Pascal spins his discs with his feet, a handicap that doesn’t stop thousands of music fans flocking to experience and share his love of music.

Pascal can be seen at the Sababa Club every Friday and Saturday night.

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