Projar Protects in Portugal

Grupo Projar is a Valencia company that is cleaning up in Portugal, in the nicest possible way. The company is purifying water contaminated by uranium in the mining region of  Nelas.

Between 1945 and 2001, 62 mines were active in open cast extraction, and now these areas are being rehabilitated through the use of macrophyte plants.

The system works by  passing water through a gravel filter where aquatic plants, such as reeds are grown. Their roots transfer oxygen to the soil, creating an environment that enables the development of water-purifying micro-organisms.


Projar was founded in 1972, and has logistics centres in Almería and Murcia, as well as other facilities in Valencia, Madrid, Málaga and Lisbon, Barcelona and Pontevedra.  The group also operates in Sri Lanka, India, and Brazil and has 230 employees.

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