Ampere Energy Savings

Ampere Energy is a Valencian SME with big ideas. The company has developed software and a battery that permits users to connect to the grid and buy their energy at the moment when it is cheapest.
The energy saved could be as much as 50% according to the company’s founder Ander Muelas.
The company’s plan, with the support of British funding, is to establish a factory in Puzol, which will employ 300 workers, mostly engineers
Along with his collaborators Carlos Navarro, Dietmar Geckeler, Xavier Benavides and Pablo Obiol, Muelas’ has developed a system consisting of a mobile app which submits users to a third degree interrogation in order to find out when and where they will need their energy each day, giving instructions to buy the appropriate amount of energy when the time is right.
The company provides energy to single family homes or businesses, allowing them to reduce peak demand charges, shift energy consumption profiles, and participate in available energy markets.

Ampere Energy Technology is focused on its proprietary Energy Management System. Advanced control algorithms developed by their engineers optimize the operation of the system taking into account all the acting variables in automatic mode.
With four basic models, depending on the size and requirements of each customer, Ampere Energy is at the cutting edge of consumer power, challenging the all powerful position of utilities companies.
Furthermore, they have some nifty slogans, like “the future is landing” or “may the energy be with you” or “buy low cost, enjoy first class.”

The batteries are not intended to ugly your home or workplace, but have been designed to add a classy space age feel to your environment.


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