Aitana’s Star Product

Loles and Javier’s daughter Aitana has been the inspiration of a project designed to help other parents who, like them, have had to face adversity.

Aitana was born deaf, and as such, normal, pleasant activities like going to a beach or a fairground, have an added risk.

For this reason they founded, having searched the market for something to solve their problem without success.

From the beginning their criteria were clear; the solution should be reasonably priced, hard-wearing, easy to use, attractive (kids are kids after all!), and personalized.

The answer was a colourful bracelet incorporating their telephone number, with a QR code incorporated, so that alternative telephone numbers and information about blood group or allergies could be included.


Although aimed at parents, the bracelet has also been found to be useful for adults, such as people with Alzheimer’s disease, or even sports people, who may suffer some kind of accident or other medical problem.

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