A Sea of Plastic

There is nothing sadder than to see a dolphin choking on a plastic bag, and yet with the massive production of these weapons of mass destruction and the frivolity with which we use and discard them; pretty soon we will all be dolphins.

ECOFLEXOBAG is a European project designed to promote the manufacturing of sustainable plastic bags which respect the environment.

The Project has been yet another example of European cooperation, in which the Valencian technological institute of optics, colour and image (AIDO) has been at the forefront, in collaboration with its European partners Dienstencentrum from Holland, Enviros from the Czech Republic and VTT from Finland.

A number of pan-European companies have also participate, including Plásticos Romero, Plasbel, Oerlemans Plastics, Amerplast, Van Gillern, Tasky and V-Plast and Windmuller & Horscher.

On the supermarket front, Consum has also lent a hand.


You can almost see the dolphins smile.

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